June 9, 2009

Women’s nightwear maker ends licensing agreement with apparel supplier

Ted Baker, famous for its women’s nightwear line, has reportedly ended its licensing agreement with apparel supplier Intimas Group. This was made through mutual agreement.

The license agreement involved the deliveries of Ted Baker women’s nightwear, swimwear and other lingerie items. The stocking of products in several stores is scheduled to end by January next year. As of now, the autumn collection later this year will be delivered as usual.

Both parties have not released an official statement stating why they have opted to end the agreement. However, the presumption is that there’s no bad blood brewing between them.

Intimas Brand Director Jane Denereaz issued a short statement saying that the company had a great relationship with Ted Baker for the past four year which eventually helped promote the company profile throughout the period.

Global financial crisis has not spared both companies as Intimas reported a £1.65 million decline in revenues so far this year. As for Ted Baker, the wholesale sales fell to £34.4 million. The decline was also attributed to Ted Baker’s move to remove its merchandise from retailers they feel did not meet up with their standards of brand promotion.

May 21, 2009

Television presenter says no to knickers

English actress, model and TV presenter Kelly Brook revealed in an interview that she’s not keen on wearing knickers or other underwear and would prefer that her dresses have built in support.

According to reports, Brook prefers outfits that can tighten her tummy and naturally push her breasts up so that knickers and bras won’t be a necessity.

The girlfriend of Wasps rugby player Danny Cipriani said that she likes to wear “stretch clothes” that can easily accommodate her bust. Having a beautifully structured dress eliminates the need for her to wear underwear.

She stressed that unlike what is portrayed by the media, she doesn’t think much about her large breasts and added that it seems like “everyone else is thinking about them” than her.

Brook has been an active face in the television industry.In 2007, she participated in the highly-rated British reality show “Strictly Come Dancing.” In January this year, she became a judge for “Britain’s Got Talent” but was let go less than a week later. She was then identified as a “guest judge” of the show instead.

Brook was previously engaged to actor Billy Zane. The couple broke up last year.

April 28, 2009

Lingerie Football League makes waves in Texas

A new contact sport is coming to town and it will feature beautiful women in underwear and fighting it out for glory.

The Lingerie Football League is reportedly scheduled to take place by the September of this year and one team that’s already set for this event is a group of young, beautiful women from Dallas. Tryouts have already commenced.

One of the ladies trying out for this sport said that the players are not only showing skin but also letting everyone know of their athletic ability.

The team, named Dallas Desire, will be one of the 10 new teams in the United States that will compete later this year. On September 9, the Lingerie Football League officially stars with a game between Chicago Bliss and Miami Caliente.

League founder Mitch Mortaza said that the game is just the same as tackle football. The major difference is that the game’s played by beautiful women in their bras and knickers.

Rules have been adjusted a bit, including smaller playtime, fewer players and a smaller playing field. As for the Dallas Desire, the team will have its first home game around last week of September at the QuikTrip Park.

March 4, 2009

Lingerie in 2009: Floral patterns

The sun is showing itself, we start to get out of our houses and we can hear birds singing again: spring is coming! And that means time to take a look at the latest trends in fashion. The most obvious lingerie trend is that flowers are back. You can spot a lot of floral knickers on the high street. Soft and faded colours are accompanied by ruffles and lace, to give you a girly-girl look.knickers floral

The knickers this spring are all about being feminine and having fun. No more red and black, but white, rose and faded yellow. The floral patterns come in different sizes, form big bright lilies to a small rose pattern. And this spring it is ok to show the sensual lace of a bra strip, as long as you combine it with soft colours.

July 1, 2008

Sexy knickers

Who doubts that women like a good sexy pair of knickers? Over the years, the style of knickers that women have worn has undergone a major transformation. From the big baggy old granny knickers to the new uplifted sexy styles, the knickers have truly come a long way!

When sleeping, women like to be comfortable and yet feel sexy Sexy womens knickersand desirable. The pair of knickers that they wear has to represent the modern woman of today, who is demanding, stylish, contemporary, and desirable. Choosing sexy knickers to please one’s partners is also one of the main reasons. Some women enjoy expressing their wild and unexplored side and opt for these sexy knickers. Today, there is a whole new meaning to a knicker.It is not just a piece of clothing, but a way to express oneself. A sexy pair of knickers is attractive and stunning and yearned for by every woman.

A sexy knicker is one that enhances your figure, and makes you feel like a sex goddess. It should hug your bums in a perfect manner, and make you look like a million dollars with just the knicker on. So all you women out there, a sexy knicker is a must-have in your corporate wardrobe!

June 26, 2008

French Knickers

French knickers symbolize passion, love, lust and sex. It signifies beauty and glamour, and is incredibly attractive to adorn. Sumptuous colours like deep blue, satiny white, pastel pink and luxurious red just amplify its extraordinary beauty and elegance.

French knickers are popular every where. These are made up of lavish fabrics like satin, and silk, and have extravagant cream ribbons, which just makes you swoon. There are several colors, styles and patterns involved ensuring that each one feels superbly gorgeous to wear. One can team it up with a fitting kimono to ensure that no stone’s left unturned in the fashion sense.

One can feel like a naughty and cheeky girl in the bedroom enthralling your partner with bedroom tricks ensuring sexual pleasure and spontaneity. Not only do these French knickers look utterly fabulous, but feel magnificient too. You will never have a softer sensation than this, and it doesn’t hurt that they are bang-on stylish!

Soft, silky fabric is used to create them, and they are sophistication redefined. A sense of risqué glamour is added by the bows and ribbons present, a sure shot winner and a must-have in everybody’s wardrobe. So, the next time you go shopping, opt for the sassy and stylish French lingerie to make a fashion statement!

June 18, 2008

Go green with eco knickers

Are you a nature-friendly soul who wishes to flaunt eco-friendly, yet sexy knickers? Do you love collecting beautiful knickers that is completely devoid of products that harm nature? If yes, then go to the nearest lingerie store and ask for sensuous eco-friendly knickers. The exciting eco lingerie collections that throng several stores assure to make you look good and feel great. Most have a misconception that eco friendly knickersis itchy, irritable and can cause rashes. Much contrasted to these notions, eco lingerie is soft and beautiful. It comprises of natural products like organic, untreated cotton, bamboo, hemp, soy etc.

You can feel wilder and sexier if you are absolutely close to nature and committed to the cause of environment protection. Eco knickers does not restrict you in any manner possible. Neither is it plain, nor it looks jaded. One can avail these knickers in a number of colors, patterns, cuts and shades. Some internationally renowned fashion houses are coming up with enticing designer eco lingerie pieces and supporting the ‘go green’ cause. It is certainly a great idea to wear an organic cotton bra and a hemp panty to feel all the basic instincts.

June 13, 2008

Natural Nylon

Nylon, which was earlier only utilized for making only toothbrush bristles is now used extensively for creating knickers and is proven to be adapt at that. Nylon is a very comfortable option for lingerie and swimwear as it is technically a synthetic substitute for silk. So for all those people against silk, this is a far better and inexpensive option.

The reason for nylon to be a great option as knickers is the high resistance that it offers to undesirable elements like fungi, molds, unwanted chemicals, and diseases,. As one of the most important organs of the body, we try to protect our inner parts well. So, nylon is the best option to keeping ourselves dry, clean, and well fabricated down there. Also, another great property of nylon is that it melts, but does not burn, and has excellent abrasion resistance. It shows a great variation of luster and is very durable by nature. Nylon underwear can be purchased from many online stores, including this one.

Nylon when used in knickers looks extremely attractive when covered with lace, and pretty colors like pink, pastel blue, aqua, and white are the most popular options in colourful lingerie for all the nylon lovers.

June 11, 2008

Sexy And Stylish Satin Knickers

One of the most intimate gifts that can be ever received is the satin knickers or panties. The best feeling is given by satin, which feels soft, silky, and sexy against our skin. It is the ideal material for lingerie as it makes you feel comfortable and luxurious, and adds a bit of panache to your underwear draw.

This beautiful and stunning type of lingerie is sheer bliss once it touches your skin. It can be found in various shapes and sizes, colors and patterns, according to your desire. These satin knickers have delicate trimmed lace which gives it a very feminine look, and has wide legs to add more room and make the woman feel comfortable. One can adorn it underneath a frilly feminine dress or skirt, and look graceful and feel elegant at the same time.

When worn with sexy stockings, these are quite an erotic eyeful and every living man’s fantasie. They are sexy, sassy, and stunning and very inviting!

The French score the highest points when it comes to satin knickers and different styles involved. They can turn these satin beauties evocative and feminine with the use of colors, patterns, and sensual appeal. The internet and online companies have made it tremendously easy to shop for satin knickers online, where one can have a glimpse of the satin items, select, choose, and purchase their desires!

June 9, 2008

Wonderful Wool Knickers

It is a thing of the past, when a person would look like a weird freak, when he is cycling down his way to Downtown stores, or to college or office. In any area, frequented by non-cyclists, it is very embarrassing to cycle your way in strange awkward knickers or sports bras. One can use the newly introduced elegant and comfortable bicycle-friendly wool knickers, which have proven to be a reason of relief for all the bicyclists around!

They are available in all sizes and colors. These wool knickers are as comfortable as a second skin and keep us warm during the frosty winters. They are made up of gabardine fabric, which is light in weight, and comfortable around the year. The wool transpires better than the other sweat absorbing material, and never shows trails of sweat spotting. Also, it eliminates body-odor, and can be reused for several days at a stretch.

They are also environment friendly, as they need to be washed less frequently, that too in cold water. The fitting can be allotted in every size, meeting every person’s requirements. They are not meant to be tight fitting and the customer should choose a size larger. These exciting wool knickers are sure a great option, to know more log in to this link.