June 5, 2008

Sensuous Frilly Vintage Knickers

Vintage Knickers are not only sensuous but also provide a great feel. These knickers are usually comparatively bigger in size and feature bright colors and a considerable amount of lace work. Vintage lingerie are not only a great idea, but also fun to wear. Besides, these offer a great alternative from the usual panties that we are so used to wearing.

Check out this frilly white knickers for instance. This is one of the playful and naughty vintage knickers that are available on the pandorachoice online boutique.

The knickers are cute and very sensuous as well. These are available in range of colors including pink, black, white and red. The frills on the knickers offer a great feel. Besides, the nylon frilly knickers are partly sheer as well. Thus, if you are planning to act naughty with your beloved and thus enjoy a romantic night, then you should consider buying the frilly underwear from this link.

You can buy the 50’s style frilly knickers from this link for approximately £ 14.

In fact, you can go ahead and match the frilly white knickers with a corset. One thing that you can be sure of is that you will not regret buying these frilly white vintage knickers.

June 3, 2008

One Piece Thongs – Not Swimwear!

Yes, that’s right, most people would associated one piece thongs with swimwear. However, there are several one piece thongs that are available in the various online stores that cannot exactly be classified as swimwear. These one piece thongs can be worn as top over, in fact under, a pair of skinny jeans, shorts, a skirt.

The one piece thong tops are more like a tank top that features a thong panty that is attached to it. In most cases, these one piece thongs feature cups to support that bust and you do not really have to wear bras under these.

Some sites also offer one piece thongs that can be used for swimming as well as for wearing as an outfit. Check out this black one piece thong for instance. The thong is made from spandex and has a sexy deep v – neck. You should also check out the brightly colored one piece thongs that are available on the site. These feature a lustrous border near the neckline and look perfect.

This “big bra thong” are ideal for those summer afternoon when you want to go swimming and perhaps visit a restaurant to catch up with your friends.

June 1, 2008

Look Sexy in Thongs for Women – Old Navy Online Boutique

Thongs are comfortable, sexy, and naughty and they make you feel sensuous. So if you are looking forward to get rid of all those Freya knickers in your wardrobe, then thongs might just proved to be a great choice; especially because he’ll love thongs on you.

Thongs for women are available all over the internet, in fact there are so many online boutiques that are dedicated to these sexy bottoms that it is difficult to enlist all of them. Nonetheless, if this is your first time with thongs, then you might want to start of with the old navy online boutique. Oh, no, don’t worry, it doesn’t sound like what is is, it’s an online lingerie boutique. Visit the thongs for women section on the site and you will be able to choose from a whole range of stylish thongs that are quite reasonable priced as well.

Right from the ultra sensuous lace hongs to the naughty polka dotted playful thongs there is a lot you can choose from. The collection is impressive, and the picture you see, is from the thongs for women collection. Other than this, there are several other thongs for women that provide for more coverage. And, no, you do not have to be as thin as these models to look hot in thongs! This sexy lace thong is available on the site for approximately $ 10, like most other thongs on the site.

May 28, 2008

Fancy Pink Knickers

Looking for the perfect pink knickers? Then you might just want to check these pink knickers put, before you decide to go with something that you did not like so much. The pink knickers are by Peachie Keen anpeachie keen knicersd are very pretty.

They feature a floral print and are extremely comfortable too wear as well, as they are made in cotton. But, that does not mean that the pink knickers are not sexy enough. In fact these knickers not only look sexy but the lace trim on these knickers will also make you feel sexy. The fancy pink knickers also feature ribbons on both sides that can be tied and offer a playful feel. Besides, the contrasting bow right in the center of the knickers is quite cute.

The lace trim on the knickers is of a contrasting deeper pink and will thus highlight your waist. You could match the knickers with a deep pink colored bra, similar to the color of the lace trim.

You can buy the sensuous pink knickers from this link of the lavender room online boutique. The pink knickers would burn a hole worth £ 24 in your pockets, which is not that expensive.

May 27, 2008

Sexy Sheer Lace White Knickers

If you are looking forward to buying some sexy white knickers, then you must check out this sexy pair of sheer white knickers. The knickers have been designed by Sonata Lingerie Ieva and have been styled like French knickers. They not only look but also feel utterly glamorous and feminine. In fact, knickers have never looked sexier. The white lace looks beautiful and gives a feeling that is simply divine.lace knickers

The white lace of the French knickers is continued even in the front of the knickers and will definitely leave your lover spell bound. Besides, you could look like an angel in these sheer French white knickers by pairing them up with a white lace bra, or going bare on the top. In fact, if you do plan to surprise your lover, then going bare, with just a beautiful piece of crystal necklace in your neck should be ideal.

The knickers also feature satin ribbons on the side. You can buy the sheer French white knickers from the Glamorous Amorous online boutique. The lace white knickers are available on the site for approximately £ 80. However, if you do plan to go all out with that idea and buy yourself some diamond jewelry then it might turn out to be a little more expensive!

May 21, 2008

Hot Black Lacy Knickers

Here are hot black lacy knickers that have been designed by Pleasure State. The knickers are a part of the White Label Collection of theblack lacy knickers Tango range that has been designed by the popular Australian designer.

The lacy knickers are made from woven stretch satin and have a beautiful feel. The knickers have been designed in the shorts style and offer a soft comfortable feel. The satin on the knickers is broken by lace that has been attached to the knickers in rows. The knickers have a frilly lace finish. The lace used on the knickers a delicate leavers eyelash one.

The lace trims on both the waist band and the bottom of the shorts, not only makes the knickers look sensuous but also offers a rather naughty feel to the lingerie.

You could further match the lacy knickers with a beautifully designed lacy bra. The lacy knickers are perfect for those special nights. Besides, you could also wear these comfortable lacy knickers, just because you want to wear them. You can buy the lacy knickers for as much as £ 12.

The lacy knickers are available from the Boudiche online store. Also check out the other lingerie that they feature.

May 15, 2008

Elegant Silk Knickers

Silk Knickers offer a sensuous and go a long way in helping you reveal your true inner beauty. Here are silk knickers that not only look stunnglamerour amerousing but also make you look ravishing. The design and the lace work that has been dome on the silk knickers is something that you might have never seen before. The silk knickers are versatile in the true sense of the word.

The silk knickers are indigo colored and have been detailed with contrasting colored peach lace. The peach colored lace offers a fine finish to the silk knickers. The silk knickers feature lace work all around the waist band. The design of the silk knickers and the lace on the waist will make your waist look rather sensuous.

Along with the knickers you can also buy a matching silk bra. The design of the bra and the straps are unique and go perfectly well with the silk knickers, and they are available in sizes up to F Cup Bra. The silk knickers have been designed by Antonia Ghazlan and are perfect for everyday use. Besides, the design of the knickers will also make those ordinary nights rather special. You can buy the silk knickers from Glamorous Amerous. The indigo silk knickers are available for £ 30 approximately.
May 12, 2008

Great Site for All Types of Knickers!

If you are looking to buy elegant lace knickers, you must check must Chesterfield SoftWear. The site is one of the only online knickers boutiques that feature a huge variety of knickers. The site is totally dedicated to panties. Besides, the knickers those are on display on the site keep changing after a fixed span of time. Thuslace knickers, you will be able to get a good look at variety of knickers and panties that the boutique features and their details.

Here is a pair of lacey knickers from the site. The lace knickers feature white lace on the sides, where as the front and the back center portion of the knickers is made of silky satin. Then there are a whole lot of other lace knickers that you can buy from the site.

You can also buy sheer knickers from the site. Surprisingly, the site features something for everyone. You could buy ultra sexy thongs or for that matter choose modest knickers. Besides, the knickers on the site are not expensive at all. You will definitely be able to find something that is well within your reach. Besides, the site means serious business, and is not just another online boutique. Do check out the site anytime you wish to buy a pair of bottoms for yourself.

May 9, 2008

Silk Male Thongs

Dont think its just the ladies who can wear lingerie type garments. Here are sexy pair of grey silk male thongs that have been knitted. The thongs are made of lightweight fabric that has been designed to stretch and thus offer a comfortable fit. The thongs are also perfect for low rise jeans as the thongs themselves are low rise ones.

The waistband of the knitted thongs has been made from ¾ inch elastic that is completely covered. The male thongs do not feature any contour pouch. The leg binding on the male thongs have been made frommens thong ¼ inch elastic. The straps of the male thongs are 7/8 inches wide. The silk thongs do not have any coverage for the bottom.

The low rise and the high cut of the silk male thongs provide for a lean look that will add a super sexy touch to your physique. Besides being lightweight, the silk fabric that the male thongs are made from is quite durable.

The thongs have been designed to give you the perfect fit further highlight your bulge thus making you look attractive. The male thongs are available in a variety of colors including grey, red, blue, black and several others. You can buy the male thongs from this Freshpair.com for approximately $ 20.

May 8, 2008

Naughty Satin Cami Knickers

Cami knickers are not only comfortable but also very attractive. Here are Satin Cami Knickers that have a French design. The knickers have a classic vintage style to them and are perfect for women who love to wear their knickers in the retro style.

These cami knickers are also perfect, if you are looking for cami knickers that are easy to be worn over suspender belts with 6 straps. Besides, you will be able to achieve the classic burlkesque lingerie look when you wear these cami knickers with seamed stockings.cami knickers

The satin cami knickers also feature a deep cotton and lace gusset that makes the cami knickers look quite attractive. The lace work that the cami knickers feature provide for the vintage look. Besides, there is a whole range of retro style vintage cami knickers that you could choose from.

The lace work not only makes the cami knickers look cute but also offer a luxurious feel to it. You could wear the white cami knickers with a satin cami top and with white or black suspender stockings. A frilly satin cami top would also go well with the cami knickers.

You could buy the comfortable yet luxurious satin cami knickers from Pandoras Choice for around £ 20.